Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ten Best Tips to Close up Your Pool for Fall and Winter

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1.  Balance Your Pools Water Chemistry  - Adjust the pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness in order to prevent corrosion or scale build up. Follow your pool's instructions and do this about five days before you completely shut down your pool.
2.  Balance the pool's water chemistry - Shock the water with chlorine to kill any bacteria that may be alive in the pool. 
3.  Add a winterizing algaecide - this will kill existing algae and prevent more from growing.
4.  Clean the Pool - Remove all items that are not water, rinse all pool equipment and let it dry thoroughly,  (Including ladders, filters, pumps, heaters and fitting).  Store all items in the garage or shed for the winter.
5.  Skim the pool to remove all items floating around on the top of the pool and vacuum and brush the pool sides and bottom.
6.  Lower the water level using a pump - follow the directions from the pool manufacturer typically the water should be lower than the skimmer depending on the pool cover.
7.  Drain the equipment including pumps, filers, chlorinators and heaters to prevent freezing and damaging them.  Remove the filters and store them if possible.
8.  Winterize the plumbing - Lines running to the pool need to be drained to prevent freezing so they don't crack. 
9.  Finish closing the pool for the winter by adding a pool cover that fits your pool well and doesn't have any gaps or cracks so that debris doesn't get in. 
10.  Double check all of your steps in order to prevent any damage to your pool. 
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