Sunday, November 16, 2014

How to support and protect growing trees from animals and the winter elements

Protect your trees during the winter from the cold, animals such as deer, voles, by wrapping or protecting a tree with a wrap, bark protector, tree guard or shelter. Don’t let the winter damage your trees this year take steps to prevent damage and loss of trees in your yard.
Use Crinkle Paper Tree Wrap to protect trees from animals and the elements. It is great for protecting new trees from the cold weather. Deer and elk like to rub up on trees and this will prevent them from doing so. Tree wrap is eco-friendly and can easily be added and removed on trees.
Tree Bark Protector will help protect tree trunks from string trimmers, mowers, and foraging wildlife all year long. Deer, squirrels, rabbits and other animals will not be able to bite tree trunks through this rigid plastic mesh. Easy to install and these blend in well with your trees so you are able to use year round.

Crinkle Paper Tree WrapThe use of a Tree Guard is also a way to protect trees from pests. It allows for ventilation of the tree and is a natural color that is made up of soft material to make it easy to wrap around any type of tree.

In order to protect a tree from direct sunlight and keep a tree stable try using a tree shelter that will give protection against the direct UV rays.
Items such as protective netting for tree will prevent birds and animals from eating the leaves and bark of a tree, covers will protect trees from the cold, snow, hail and frost and several other tree protection items are available to keep winter and cold weather from harming and damaging trees.
Amazon has several items such as tree wrap, shelters and guards that will help you ward off old man winter this season and look forward to keeping your trees healthy for the spring and summer months.

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