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Royal Empress World's Fastest Growing Tree with Year-Round Appeal

The Royal Empress Tree (Paulownia elongata) is native to China, but has found a welcome home in the U.S. as the world’s fastest growing shade tree. 

This miracle of nature can grow up to 15 feet in its first season, and at maturity reach heights of over 50 feet in less than five years! 

The light scent between jasmine and gardenia is irresistible! 
Your Royal Empress tree will announce the arrival of spring with a spectacular display of bell shaped flowers that burst into bloom on cascading clusters of 8-12” blossoms. Their colorful display of lavender-kissed, pink and white will infuse the air with the fragrant scent of jasmine. 

When the majesty of spring has passed, your friends and family will be amazed throughout the summer by the Empress’ uniquely fuzzy leaves. These huge emerald green leaves can reach up to 3 feet across.

Nature's air purifier!The Royal Empress tree can also filter toxins from the air at an amazing rate.  In fact, your tree can capture more Carbon from the environment and convert it into pure, clean oxygen than almost any other tree in existence. 

As if all this weren’t enough, during the winter months you will enjoy the adorable furry buds that cover your tree’s branches as they await the first signs of spring to welcome them into new life. 

Easy to grow & hardy!
The Royal Empress tree is super hardy and tolerant of almost any soil type although it does best in well-drained soils. It prefers sun or partial shade and is pest & disease resistant.   

Your Empress will be an outstandingly easy to grow accent to your landscape, providing a full, rounded crown to shade your home in a fraction of the time most trees would require to do so.

Not All Royal Empress Trees are the Same!
Another amazing quality of this tree is that, unlike some other varieties of Royal Empress, this one is non-invasive, so no need to worry about controlling its spread. Make sure you're buying Paulownia elongata.

Empress Tree are fast growing, stronger, and non-invasive. Order now and it is sure to bring many years of beauty to your landscape.  

Quantities are limited. Order now to avoid disappointment!  Read the Reviews about what others have to say about this tree...

* Fastest-growing hardwood tree
* Environmentally friendly
* Hardy * Fragrant flowers
* Unique leaves and buds

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Arborvitae - Green Giant

Best Selling Fast Growing Evergreen The Green Giant (Thuja Plicata x Standishii) has become one of the most desired conifers for a multitude of reasons. With a growth rate of 3-5 feet a year this one of the fastest growing variety of Arborvitae.  Cloaked in thick, soft, dark green foliage from top to bottom the Green Giant is a better choice than hemlock in the North and cypress in the South. Arborvitae is Latin for “tree of life”, which attests to the hardy nature of this evergreen tree.  It often grows from a single leader, so you won’t have to worry about it surviving ice storms or heavy snow.  Birds love it, but most insects don’t, and deer won’t even touch it.  It grows well in most soils, and even during dry periods it’s incredibly fast-growing.   As its common name implies, this is a “giant” Arborvitae, growing up to 60 feet high with a 20 foot spread.  The sprays of foliage begin at the base of the Arborvitae and extend slightly upward along the entire tree.  The vibrant green coloring stays true all year, not even fading during the cold winter months. The aroma is like none other … imagine something between cedar, fresh lemons and air-dried cotton sheets.     Although stunning in rows, the Green Giant can also be planted alone as a sentinel in your yard or plant them in groups to form a living frame highlighting a special part of your landscape.  They’re also a beautiful living wall shielding you from unwanted views, noise and wind. Arborvitaes are often considered a particularly ecological plant because they give back to the environment.  Parts of the Arborvitae have historically been used for medicinal purposes.  It has proven to be a beneficial plant for generations, and will certainly be beneficial to you in fulfilling your landscape needs. * Fast-growing* Large Arborvitae variety* Hardy
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