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Glass Tea Kettle

Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle
Going Green this year? If you enjoy drinking tea one of the best ways to make it is to boil water using a glass tea kettle.  It's quick and efficient plus it is the healthy way to boil hot water.
Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle. A great way to boil water for tea, coffee, cocoa, soup, and MUCH more. Made from Lab-Quality boroscilicate glass with a heat-resistant handle, the kettle is designed for use on any type of stove, and the classic design works well with any decor.

Glass Tea Kettle

Why boil water behind a metal barricade? Its not nearly as enjoyable as the pure pleasure of watching water gather steam in this safe, heat-proof lab glass tea kettle with a cool blue knob on its lid and large ergonomic handle. Holding 60 ounces, it works with gas or electric heat and is dishwasher safe.

Home Basics  1.5qt. Glass Whistling Tea Kettle Home Basics 1.5qt. Glass Whistling Tea Kettle
1.5qt. whistling tea kettle with 12 cup capacity and heat resistant handle.

Glass 12-cup Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle Glass 12-cup Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle

  • Whistling tea kettle/coffeemaker has 12-cup capacity and a whistling lid
  • Appliance also boils water for cocoa, soup and much, much more
  • Thermal-shock resistant appliance will last for years in your kitchen and dining room
  • Lab-quality borosilicate glass works on any type of stovetop
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Includes trivet for use on coil-type electric stove
  • Classic design fits any decor

Glass Kettle Teapot with Tea Egg design by Menu Glass Kettle Teapot with Tea Egg design by Menu
Norm Glass Kettle Teapot uniquely embraces the meeting of two traditions - the Asian zen philosophy and modern Scandinavian design. A special feature is the teapot?s transparency that grants a visual experience of the tea and stimulates the senses of sight, touch and smell alike. As a fine design detail the tea egg is placed in the centre of the pot and is easily raised by pulling the attached silicon string when the tea is ready for serving. Cannot be used on the stove. 1.5 L (50 oz.) Glass, Stainles Steel, Plastic Silicone

Water Kettle Water Kettle
Boiling water for tea is rarely this much fun. Watch water go from the cold calm to rapid boil in this stylish, easy-to-use kettle. It works with all sources of heat (gas stoves, electric cookers, ceramic hobs), and is dishwasher safe. Made in Germany. 60oz.

Krups Glass Tea Kettle (Glass/Stainless Steel/Black) Appliances Cookware Krups Glass Tea Kettle (Glass/Stainless Steel/Black) Appliances Cookware
With a kettle this easy and convenient to use, your only concern should be picking out which book to enjoy with your cup of tea.Two-in-one tea kettle allows you to brew traditional hot tea or iced tea.1500 watt heating element boils water in no time.Filter system features a patent-pending removable and height-adjustable design.Programmable settings make this kettle easy to use and brew.Temperatures to choose from include: Low, Medium, High, Boil (176ºF, 194ºF, 203ºF, 212ºF).Convenient design has a keep warm feature for beverages up to 1 hour at 167ºF.Extra lid is designed for regular kettle use.Convenient cord storage at the base of the kettle.Model number: FL700D50.Capacity: 1.25 Qt.Width: 6.Depth: 7.Height: 10.Weight: 3.2 lbs.

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