Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Rid of One Item a Day in the Extreme Decluttering Challenge

After reading an article about extreme decluttering for the home I was challenged to find items to donate to local charities each day.  
I receive postcards at least once or twice a month from local charities asking for donations.  The trucks come around in our neighborhood and pick up our goods and leave a receipt for tax purposes. We also receive calls from Purple Heart looking for donations.  

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In our house we really don't have a lot of clutter with our son who is married with a son of his own.  But as I get older I look at some of my stuff and ask the question do I really need or use this item.  So every day when I open a drawer or closet I look through it to see if there is something I can put in the donation box/bag I keep handy.
Some things to look for if you decide to take the challenge are kids toys, clothing, books, movies, music, shoes, knick knacks, etc.  If you pick up more than one item a day than you can have your goal of 7 items met easily by the end of the week.  
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Look through items and figure out if they are good re-usable items to donate or do they need to be tossed in the garbage pile.  Each time your purchase a new item be sure to get rid of something else in the house at the same time.  Even in the most organized home we can find things that we don't have use for anymore.
At the moment I am still struggling to donate my old Barbie Dolls and a wedding dress but sooner or later I will decided to part with these items also.

So take the challenge and add one item a day into your donation bag.  You can do this for a month or a year however long you decided to take the challenge.
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