Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Go Organic on Your Lips with These Fun Organic Lip Balms!

Black Cherry Organic Lip Balm
Black Cherry Organic Lip Balm

If you are like me and have sensitive lips and you don't want the taste of toxic chemicals on them you may want to try out an organic lip balm like these.   The Black Cherry Organic Lip Balm  provides you with a sheer red tint and a black cherry flavor made from sweet juicy cherries picked from east side orchards of Montana's Flathead Lake. It's inexpensive and lasts a long time.  You'll love the rich colors and the organic ingredients in this one.  View the ingredients, price and how to order this Black Cherry Lip Balm.  

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Vanilla Bean Organic Lip Balm

Vanilla Bean Organic Lip Balm

Hurraw! infuses raw, organic vanilla beans from Madagascar into their balm, making it a deliciously smooth treat for your lips. 

The tiny vanilla bean seeds linger on (you might even find one in your tube!) to help create a delicate, intoxicating vanilla scent. 

Did you know the gorgeous orchid like vanilla flowers last only one day and must be pollinated within twelve hours in order to grow a bean? 

The beans take ten months to mature and then must be stored for another six months to develop their precious flavor. Truly magical on your lips - Try one out here....

Mint Organic Lip BalmMint Organic Lip Balm
Taste the mint on you lips and feel refreshed with this organic lip balm!  The awesome tingle and crisp. The icy scent of our mint lip balm reminds us of those old peppermint patty commercials :) 

Hurraw! gets their organic peppermint oil from Oregon's Willamette Valley. It's the best mint they've found and oh so unique! 

A long lasting minty treat for your lips!   Get Yours Here....

SPF 15 Sun Balm Organic

If you have sensitive lips especially when in the sun this is a great preventive step in order to prevent sunburn and protect your lips!  Try out the Sun Balm SPF 15 Here and Learn more on how it works!!!

Tiny green giants! Limes rule.   Just like squeezing a lime slice in your favorite summer drink or remembering those limeade popsicles of youth...   Persian lime oil from Brazil lends our lime balm some serious zest!

Coconut - Fresh, creamy, coconuts... there is nothing better. The coconut gives us so much, we just had to have a super smooth coconut balm!   The rich, raw coconut oil in our balm enriches the fabulous flavor. Our all natural organic coconut flavor is the truest we've found  and continues to put this balm at the top of our best seller list.   Not too beachy, a little toasty... coconut perfection.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ten Best Tips to Close up Your Pool for Fall and Winter

Save $10 on any 50lb+ Chlorine Bucket with code CHIntex Metal Frame Aboveground Pool Kits Closing up your pool for the summer will prevent any damage and save time and money when you reopen the pool in the spring.  As you get ready for the fall and winter take time to properly care for your pool when closing it for the cold upcoming months. Save $10 on ANY Orders of $50 or More - use code TENOFF at checkout on pool products

1.  Balance Your Pools Water Chemistry  - Adjust the pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness in order to prevent corrosion or scale build up. Follow your pool's instructions and do this about five days before you completely shut down your pool.
2.  Balance the pool's water chemistry - Shock the water with chlorine to kill any bacteria that may be alive in the pool. 
3.  Add a winterizing algaecide - this will kill existing algae and prevent more from growing.
4.  Clean the Pool - Remove all items that are not water, rinse all pool equipment and let it dry thoroughly,  (Including ladders, filters, pumps, heaters and fitting).  Store all items in the garage or shed for the winter.
5.  Skim the pool to remove all items floating around on the top of the pool and vacuum and brush the pool sides and bottom.
6.  Lower the water level using a pump - follow the directions from the pool manufacturer typically the water should be lower than the skimmer depending on the pool cover.
7.  Drain the equipment including pumps, filers, chlorinators and heaters to prevent freezing and damaging them.  Remove the filters and store them if possible.
8.  Winterize the plumbing - Lines running to the pool need to be drained to prevent freezing so they don't crack. 
9.  Finish closing the pool for the winter by adding a pool cover that fits your pool well and doesn't have any gaps or cracks so that debris doesn't get in. 
10.  Double check all of your steps in order to prevent any damage to your pool. 
12 Ft Round Supreme Solid 2000 Winter Cover

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Treat Your Skin! Korean Skincare Welcome Box Offer FREE for New Maven Subscribers

Treat Your Skin! Korean Skincare Welcome Box Offer FREE for New Maven Subscribers
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
Korean Skin Care Welcome Box
This oh-so-easy Korean skincare set includes cult fave Bare Face Cleansing Oil, the softly exfoliating Konjac Cleansing Sponge, and Shari (Classic with a Twist) nail polish for right-now nails. Kick off a new skin routine with this free box and freshen up your skin!
Korean Skin Care Welcome Box
A Maven beauty box subscription is one of the best values going and as a Julep Maven subscriber, you get first access to trend setting colors and top-rated beauty products every month.
  • Julep Maven is the only customizable box of full-size, limited-run nail colors and beauty innovations. That means no surprises, no dupes or colors you don't like. You can see what is in your box each month and have the option of swapping out colors/products you already have or don't want.
  • Julep Maven is affordable. Every month you get more than $40 of full-size products for just $24.99 per month (tip - prepay for three months at a time and save $15).
  • Julep Mavens get 20% off all single product purchases, free shipping, early access to secret sales. If you are passionate about your polish, that adds up to some amazing savings!

Step up your summer skin ritual with the latest Korean Beauty trend, made easy. Grab the Korean Skincare Welcome Box Free for New Julep Maven Subscribers - just pay $2.99 shipping with code GLOW.  Image result for get it

Poolside Welcome Box Offer

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Organic Flower Bouquet with Free Standard Shipping

Crown Majesty Roses

Beautiful and longer lasting who wouldn't want a fresh bouquet of flowers sent to them on their birthday, special anniversary or just to show how much your care.  These organic flower bouquets are inexpensive and last longer than regular flowers.

Plus their beauty if unlike any other floral bouquets you have ever seen.  Check out the large selection of roses, lilies, and mixed flowers and right now receive free shipping on all flowers that you send by simply following this link...

white oriental lilies White Oriental Lilies - Very Fragrant and long lasting!

Springtime lilies Springtime Lilies sustainably grown, certified flowers

Deluxe Lily Bouquet Deluxe Lily Bouquet - Over 20 blooms on 8 stems of fragrant Oriental Lilies in crisp white and gorgeous pink arrive fresh and in bud form to ensure lasting joy as each sumptuous bloom slowly opens to perfection. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Outdoor Gardening and Garden Design Savings

HGTV HOME Set of 3 Indoor/Outdoor Colored LanternsSummer is all about devoting time and money to maintaining the yard and outdoor living space for those summer parties. HSN has 50% off all lawn and garden this month!
HGTV HOME Foldable Wooden Potting Bench
Summer apparel is also must to beat the heat. Lookout for the end of season clearance sale on items such as bathing suits, active wear, and summer dresses.
Come Celebrate HSN's 38th birthday! There's a surprise with every Today's Special, Free Shipping, Flexpay and Special Pricing. Shop Now!
American Adjustable 14" Push Reel Lawn MowerNot everyone enjoys the heat and humidity that often coincide with the month of July. Escape the heat by checking out deals on air conditioning units.Keep the family comfortable outside while soaking up the sun. Summer-time products such as sunscreen, bug repellent, beach umbrellas, coolers, and grills are all stocked on hsn to provide your family overall comfort this summer.

The Margaritaville Collection at HSN helps you escape to your own island paradise, wherever that is. An assortment of created and curated products that capture the escapism of island living. Inspired by daydreams of Beaches, Boats, Bars & Ballads, Cheeseburgers in Paradise, and Lost Shakers of Salt, Margaritaville branded merchandise brings the mindset of the Islands to your home… no passport required.
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Learn how to make the perfect Margarita  Learn how to make the perfect Margarita

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Disney Frozen and Other Stationary Kits Now Only $10.00

Frozen Zip-Up Stationery KitDisney Princess Zip-Up Stationery KitUltimate Spider-Man Zip-Up Stationery Kit
The Zip-up Stationary kits are great items for kids who like to write, draw, or want to use them to take to school or over to a friends or grandma's house for a visit.  These kits will be sure to keep them busy with their creative side,   There a variety of art supplies to keep them busy for hours and they come in your favorite Disney themes from Frozen, Cars, Disney Princesses,Minnie Mouse and more...   See all of the kits here...
All Include
  • Includes: 10 markers, 10 colored pencils, 2 pencils, ballpoint pen, eraser, sharpener, ruler, scissors, glue stick, and notepad (30 sheets)
  • Character art includes Anna, Elsa, and Olaf (for Frozen kit see other and what they include)...
  • Soft padded case
  • Sparkling trims
  • Two separate compartments with zip closure
  • Special zip pull (Frozen has a snowflake, princess has a jewel, Spider man has a Spider Man) etc.
Image result for order buttonsFrozen Zip-Up Stationery Kit
Sofia the First Zip-Up Stationery KitCars Zip-Up Stationery KitRapunzel Zip-Up Stationery Kit

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